Advice on Care & Maintenance of Carbide Tipped Tools

Good maintenance of your Carbide chisels lets you cut faster and more accurately. However, improper grinding can damage the carbide and cause tool failure. To extend the life of your chisel:

Tungsten Carbide Tipped Tools

All the tips are extremely Hard and Sharp, but will break or crack if they are not used correctly. Employ all the regulatory safety practices – i.e. Eye and hand protection.

  1. Use the full width of the tool at all times.
  2. Do not use the corners of the tool only.
  3. Do not use on materials widths smaller than the tip.
  4. Do not use excessively heavy blows as this will not increase the cutting action, but will only shorten the life of the tip.
  5. Always keep the tips sharp.
  6. Do not use any method of cooling the tip during sharpening.
  7. Do not use the tool as a lever.